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"Does it work?"    "I’ve Heard it Doesn't"


The original process dates back to the 1980's using a simplistic approach of drilling ventilation holes in the units and masking the holes with a vent, the original pioneers of the process had little or no understanding of the science behind the process and could only achieve a 70% success rate.


Taken over by ourselves many years ago we set about fixing the system so it would work 99 -100% of the time, during the following years the system was significantly developed and re-designed into the process we now use today.


We now enjoy a 99% success rate at the first attempt with the remaining units needing a second injection before they finally clear. WE HOPE TO ACHIEVE A 100% SUCCESS RATE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.


Many Housing Associations & Service Providers now use our system as their preferred method of dealing with failed units and as a third of the population live in social housing it is not surprising that thousands of units are repaired every month.


Most of the people saying it does not work normally have a vested interest in wanting it not to work such as: window fitters, glaziers, glass and double glazing salespersons etc.


A similar process is now used on all headlamps in cars, up to a few years ago headlamps were sealed units, when the seal failed moisture would enter the unit and condense on the glass (MOT Failure) instead of trying to make a sealed unit that would not fail Mercedes designed a similar system to ours that uses a vent or ventilation tape and a hydrophilic coating (anti-fog) on the lens to achieve the same results we offer, all car manufactures now use vented headlamps.

Its not rocket science or brain surgery its just some moisture trapped between two panes of glass.

Does it Work?