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Drying Out

Drying Out Period



The CCWW process effectively removes trapped moisture from inside the sealed unit, this is done through tiny vents fitted to the external glass pane, the vents are very small and have a very small micron filtration therefore it will take some time for the process to remove all the trapped moisture from the unit, this we call the drying out period.


The drying out period is not a specific length of time as every unit is unique, the factors that affect the time it takes are:

* The size of the unit

* Exposure to the Sun

* How long it has been broken down

* The time of the year

* Humidity


Some units will clear within a few days, most take a few weeks and some have been known to take as long as 12 weeks, during this time period moisture will be seen on the glass and in some cases the unit may look worse than it did before, this is nothing to worry about as it is a clear sign that moisture is being drawn out of the units spacer bar cavities and desiccant crystals.


If condensation returns after the maximum 12 week period there will be a problem with the bottom spacer bar, and we will need to return and inject the unit again with the spacer bar sealer, the unit will then need a bit more time for the remaining moisture to vent.