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The CCWW process carries a 20 Year Domestic Customer Guarantee



We will guarantee that condensation will not return to the unit for a period of 20 Years from the date the work was carried out.


We do not guarantee to remove stains, marks or streaks from inside the unit, none of the products we use in our process can cause streaking or staining.

Before we carry out any work our technician will assess the quality of the unit and its suitability for repair, he will also estimate the cost to replace the unit, we will then quote you on the price to replace the unit and the price to repair it and the expected grade of repair.


A Grade: Unit will be clear with no stains or streaks.

B Grade: Unit will be clear with very minor stains or streaks a possibility.

C Grade: Unit will be clear with noticeable stains and streaks.

D Grade: Unit will be heavily stained and streaky.


We always recommend trying the repair first as the results may be better than expected, and if you are not happy with the repair we will always offer to replace the unit with a new one at the price quoted prior to carrying out the repair and we will refund the repair price against that new unit.