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Which would you choose, save the Environment or save Money?

Well now you can save both with our Eco Friendly solutions which work out cheaper than replacing your old windows.


Almost half a million tonnes of waste window glass is sent to landfills every year in the UK.

The waste glass dumped in landfills will not decompose for thousands of years.

The Environment Agency has highlighted a problem in its article with the the massive amounts of Glass sent to landfill and requires a solution to help the environment

Did you know 6.6 Million domestic windows are replaced annually?

Our solution is to repair rather than replace windows so far our environmental impact has been the equivalent to taking 45,000 SUVs off the road or reducing a town of 80,000 to a zero 

carbon footprint.


Not bad considering you save money as well as the environment

Virtually all waste window glass goes to landfill.


The University of Wolverhampton has released an official Report on and Assessment of the Environmental impact of using the CCWW Process to re-engineer rather than replace failed double glazed sealed units.

Don't make it worse.  Help us save the environmant.  Zero Waste to landill uing our system

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