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Are All Units Repairable?


In Theory any double glazed unit can be re-engineered using our systems, however in reality some units are more difficult than others, some are too difficult to re-engineer and others are beyond repair.


You may have noticed the use of Repair and Re-Engineer, we jump between the two as they are similar but different, if we refer to the process it is re-engineering, if we are refering to the removal of condensation to restore the view through the unit we refer to repair using the re-engineering process.


So in theory any unit can be re-engineered but not every unit can be repaired.


The question is "Are All Units Repairable?" the answer is no.


Reapirable is a unit that has got condensation and/or fog in it and the condensation has not yet damaged the glass (water marks or white streaks on the glass). if the water has left streaks that are grey/white on the glass these can not allways be removed, we can remove the moisture and stop it getting any worse but we can not guarantee to reverse the damage allready done, the damage starts normally after the unit has been broken down for 1-3 years. Early treatment is essential to prevent permanent damage to the glass surface.


Toughened Glass can also be repaired / re-engineered as long as it can be removed from the frame as the process is slightly different as we go through the side of the unit.