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How we cure a Window


The secret to the Crystal Clear process involves the application of our patented Super-Hydrophilic nano polymer coating to the internal glass surfaces of the Insulated Glass Unit (IGU), when dry it prevents the moisture in the air condensing on the glass, similar coatings are used on mirrors in bathrooms to prevent the mirror fogging up whilst you are taking a shower or bath.


We then install special vents into the unit to prevent water droplets or dust entering the unit, in high humidity areas we install 'Defogger' valves as well.


The unit will then need time for the Hydrophilic coating to dry and the trapped moisture  to evaporate, some units clear within a few days some can take up to 12 weeks to clear it all depends on how much moisture and how long the unit had been broken down.


Crystal Clear Window Works Guarantees all of its work carried out on sealed units for 20 Years, what is more our Guarantee is under written by an Insurance Company (Insurance Backed Guarantee) for total peace of mind.


Units that were serviced using the CCWW process in 1989 are still free from condensation today. 

The Cure